I am Mikaela, a Canberra based Teacher, Designer and Blogger. I run Creative workshops in Canberra, design handmade jewellery, and blog about everything else.

As a graphic designer (in real life), I have a love for branding my products to look professional and cohesive as a collection. I have also always been an organiser, planner, and love the idea that I can go through the whole process of making a product, packaging, branding and marketing, and eventually selling my goods to people who appreciate a well made, handmade item.

As a teacher (in real life), I find it incredibly satisfying to impart knowledge. My motto for my kidlets will be “never stop asking questions”. Being creative is a gift, but a gift everyone possesses, even though they may not realise it. The aim of my Creative Workshops is to equip people with the tools and instruction they need to find their inner creativity, and open them up to new crafts, activities and projects that are fun and sometimes addictive.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to make things with my hands. My most memorable creation as a kid was a futuristic milk carton city, complete with over and underpasses, skyscrapers, gardens and trees. Another was a cardboard box bedroom, in which I decorated the entire interior and fitted out the room down to the very last details, including miniature work books and coloured pencils on the desk made from paper. Everything was always painted or coloured in how it would be on a real life scale.

As a wife, muma, daughter, sister, friend, crafter, DIYer & home renovator (in real life), I like to keep track of all the goings on to read back over in years to come. Self-publishing is where it’s at. My blog is atwww.mikaeladanvers.com =)