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Bamboo Range

The Bamboo range includes brooches, pendants and earrings, designed by Mikaela and laser cut in New Zealand in Bird and Sakura Blossom shapes. The pieces are then assembled by hand with sterling silver bails or ear studs. The light surface of the timber contrasts beautifully with the laser cut edges.

Mikaela Handmade Bamboo Designs

Clock Range

These Sakura (Cherry Blossom) and Keijo (Shape) clocks, are covered in gorgeous Japanese patterned papers and coated in resin. They each have a genuine Quartz mechanism, built to last 10 years. These beautiful clocks are individually hand cut from mdf giving a nice weight to each one, and though some are cut from the same patterned paper, no two are exactly the same. They are cut, sanded, drilled, painted and covered with resin all by hand.

Mikaela Handmade clocks

Creature Comforts

Necklaces and Earrings made from lovely stamped metal pendants sourced and assembled by Mikaela, featuring Deers, Birds, Flowers and more, in matt Gold, Silver and Black. These are gorgeous pieces of jewellery, so cute and wearable!

Mikaela Handmade Bambi necklaces

Yuzen Pendants and Earrings

Yuzen necklace pendants and earrings are made from 100% sterling silver, Japanese Yuzen papers and resin. Taking advantage of the stunning patterns and colours in the paper, the resin coating magnifies the beauty of each unique piece, creating a gorgeous range of jewellery to choose from. Each circle of paper is hand-cut and placed in a ready-made sterling silver pendant, and coated with resin poured by hand.

Mikaela Yuzen Pendants

Juno Jewellery Range

Juno Jewellery Design features unique sterling silver earring designs handcrafted by Mikaela. All earrings from my range are made from 100% sterling silver materials, unless stated otherwise in the description. The range includes a variety of styles to suit many different occasions or to wear everyday.

Juno Jewellery

You can see all the Juno styles on the official Juno Jewellery website:

Button Magnets & Pinback Badges

Mikaela’s Button Magnets are well constructed badges with strong ferrite magnets to brighten up your fridge, window frame, notice board or any other surface they may be attracted to! The Button Pinbacks include a pin on the back so you can attach them to clothes, bags, hats, scarves or anywhere else that needs a little touch of cute. Each circle of paper is cut by hand and each button is hand-pressed in my button machine.

Button magnets & badges

Each button features specialty paper in a range of patterns to suit any style, from bright and fun kids prints to gorgeous Japanese prints on Yuzen paper.

Mini Bookmarks

Each of Mikaela’s mini bookmarks feature an original photograph taken by the designer, including abstracts and landscapes from the local Canberra region along with areas of the South Coast of Australia, Bali and Hawai’i. Finished with a coloured ribbon, these mini bookmarks make a cute everyday gift for any bookworm. The bookmarks are professionally printed, then punched and ribbon threaded by hand.

Mini bookmarks

Photograph Greeting Cards

Mikaela’s Greeting Cards feature original art photographs, including abstracts, landscapes, flora and fauna. Each card is left blank on the inside so you may personalise them with your own message. Cards may be purchased individually or in sets of 5. Photographs are professionally printed and adhered to blank cards by hand.

Greeting Cards

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